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Calle 24 Latino Cultural District has spearheaded and collaborated on different projects that have protected and preserved our Latinx community in the city of San Francisco.

  • Community Safety Forums.

  • Sidewalk Repairs 2005, 2008.

  • Installation of Stop Signs along 24th St.

  • Complete Renovation and Capital Improvement of 24th Street Mini Park at 24th at York.

  • Mural Restoration at 24th Mini Park. In collaboration with Precita Eyes.

  • Sidewalk Tile Mosaic on 24th St. between York and Bryant Streets. In collaboration with Precita Eyes.

  • General Public & 24th St. Merchant Safety Education Program.

  • Easter egg event at Mini Park for local children, 

  • Toy and book drive for local non-profit Mission Education Project Inc.

  • Fundraising for local non-profits on 24th St. serving children from low-income families.

  • Partnered with MisBa and immigrant community vendors to create a design at the 24th BART plaza for vending and open space for art and performances.

  • Christmas Tree lights on 24th St.

  • Children’s movie night at 24th St. Mini Park.  In collaboration with Brava Theater Center.

  • 24th St. enhancement project in collaboration with merchants funded by the City of San Francisco: The project includes planter boxes, sidewalk steam cleaning, and youth hired for sidewalk street sweeping. Done in collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club.

  • Hosted with L’s Caffe, Mission Education Project, and Brava Theater Center to Relive Mexico’s Golden Age of Cinema, an opportunity for Latino Families to view Mexico’s legendary icons once again on the big screen at the Brava Theater on 24th St.

  • In collaboration with Precita Eyes, merchants, residents, and local independent artists created a night-time gallery walk by painting murals on merchant roll downs and lighting them on 24th Street to preserve, promote and celebrate 24th St. murals, culture, and businesses.

  • Merchant Alert Phone Tree System.

  •  Sidewalk repaving and curb repairs 2013 for Calle 24

  • Merchant storefront lighting 2011-2012.

  • First Friday's events 2010-2012 provide local artist opportunities and partner with local businesses. 

  • Co-Founders of Engage SF: Bringing new residents and long-time residents together to create dialogue and share history and culture.

  • Creation of the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District in May 2014 to address gentrification and displacement.

  • Re-established Fiesta de Las Américas providing opportunities to local vendors and local artists.

  • Established Architectural Design Guidelines for Calle 24 Latino Cultural District to protect the character of the neighborhood

  • Established A Special Use District to protect our small businesses from displacement and stabilize rents.

  • Community vendor program: To support local immigrant vendors with permitting issues, language barriers, and technical assistance in a culturally appropriate manner.

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