Ariana Cruz, founder of Sew Frisco

Ariana Cruz talks about her love of fabric, layering fabrics, how SF used to be a big garment hub, wanting to pay homage to that history. She talks about what sewing means to her. Love and memory, memories of the city and the impact of how it changes, and how it drives her art. Making wearable art. Her work for ReclaMisión, working with Loco Bloco designing and creating costumes. Teaching others how to sew, embroider, offering workshops and bringing the skills back to the Mission. She has started a youth sewing intern project with Jamestown at MLVS, working with developing creative themes, pattern construction, sewing on a production level on a larger scale. How as a seamstress, the biggest highlight is the look on people’s faces when you give them their custom design.

Her advice to those starting out:

“Don’t be afraid to just start. Everyone’s creative voice is different. It’s not about who likes it, if someone doesn’t, someone else will. Invest in your fellow artists. Don’t be afraid to reach back and pull up the next person.”

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