Rodrigo Duran

Watch Paul S. Flores discuss his upcoming play, We Have Iré, which tells the true stories of Afro-Cuban immigrants living in the United States, and their influence on and experience with American culture.

Interview with Paul S. Flores About We Have Iré

Eva Royale, a longtime United Farm Workers activist, shares with us a bit of her life as the daughter of farm workers in the Central Valley, a community leader in La Mission, and her legacy as the Executive Producer of the annual Cesar Chavez Parade and Festival.

Eva Royale, A Life Of Organizing

Saira talks about the history of La Condesa, roots in Sinaloa and Zacatecas, and Mexico City, and the importance of family and sitting down for a meal together. How food is a way to show love, and how her mom has always shared that with every meal.

Interview with Saira from Casa De La Condesa Restaurant