Rodrigo Duran

Juan talks about El Tecolote's origins in La Raza Journalism at SF State, looking for an independent outlet for the stories that came out of the class. He remembers early days publishing out of people's kitchens, how existing coverage of the Mission was often negative, and people welcomed the opportunity to tell their own stories.

Juan Gonzales, founder of El Tecolote

We had lots of food and pastries that we had to get rid of. Customers are saying, "Wow, we're glad you guys are open, it's good to see you, the positive energy makes you feel good to be back."

Tamier Abuelrous on Re-Opening Temo’s Cafe

Valerie talks about coordinating the Latino Task Force, how it was created with the ongoing input from more than 30 Community-Based Organization answering three questions: what is your priority issue? What is the solution? How can we connect government with community?

Valerie Tulier-Laiwa on the Latino Task Force

We interview Calle 24 Vice President Jon Jacobo on the formation of the Latino Task Force, on the ongoing work that they are doing to support the community, and the testing that's happening, with the help of dedicated volunteers.

John Jacobo on the Covid-19 Latino Task Force