Rodrigo Duran

Valerie talks about coordinating the Latino Task Force, how it was created with the ongoing input from more than 30 Community-Based Organization answering three questions: what is your priority issue? What is the solution? How can we connect government with community?

Valerie Tulier-Laiwa on the Latino Task Force

We interview Calle 24 Vice President Jon Jacobo on the formation of the Latino Task Force, on the ongoing work that they are doing to support the community, and the testing that's happening, with the help of dedicated volunteers.

John Jacobo on the Covid-19 Latino Task Force

"My goal is for Calle 24 to be that hub, where people know that they can come, and maybe we don't have the services that they might need, but that we will have the connections to get them the services that they need."

Calle 24 Executive Director, Susana Rojas

Saira talks about how they try to make food affordable, what are some favorite dishes that can be shared when times are tough, buying locally, and how to order.

Saira from Casa de Condesa

La Reyna is open! In this virtual interview, Luis talks about the challenges of running a bakery at this time, getting supplies, being able to order while staying isolated.

Luis Gutierrez from Panadería La Reyna