Wendy Bardsley

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director (ED) will have overall strategic, financial and operational responsibility for Calle 24’s Latino Cultural District staff, programs, expansion and execution of its Mission and Vision.

Calle 24 Seeks Executive Director

The Admin will serve as the point person for Calle 24 Latino Cultural District. They will interact directly with the public representing the organization and cultural district. They will provide support to the staff and to the council, as well as to the public.

Calle 24 Seeks Administrative Support Person

The Calle 24 Paseo Artístico, or art stroll, is a new neighborhood series that will bring music, poetry, book readings film and cultural tours to Calle 24 every second Sunday. Learn about about the series in this interview with Georgiana Hernández and Anna Lisa Escobedo from the Calle 24 Cultural Assets & Arts Committee.

Paseo Artístico

Acción Latina’s Juan R. Fuentes gallery showcases the work of established and emerging Latino artists as well as that of non-Latino artists whose work reflects the nuances of Latino life.

Acción Latina Adds a Community Art Gallery