Calle 24 Executive Director, Susana Rojas

Susana Rojas, our new Executive Director talks about her history in the community, about being on the Covid 19 Latino Task Force, communications and outreach around educating businesses on guidelines and safety standards with care to make sure that nobody is getting sick. Right now Latinos are disproportionally affected by the crisis in San Francisco.

“I’m extremely proud of being Latina, extremely proud of being Colombian, and extremely proud of being a woman. As a woman, it showcases the power that we can hold and the leadership that we can come and bring, to not only to maintain the culture, but to advance it and help it evolve and merge different generations to make our culture stronger.

It gives me an opportunity to help my community, to be of service. My goal is for Calle 24 to be that hub, where people know that they can come, and maybe we don’t have the services that they might need, but that we will have the connections to get them the services that they need, and that whenever they walk by 24th and Capp, and they see that office, they know that that’s home.”

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