Calle 24 Seeks Marketing Consultant

Calle 24 Latino Cultural District is a non-profit whose mission is ​​to preserve, enhance and advocate for Latino cultural continuity, vitality, and community in San Francisco’s touchstone Latino Cultural District and the greater Mission neighborhood.

We are in search of a consultant to develop a Calle 24 Latino Cultural District marketing action plan (strategy) to promote neighborhood businesses and community institutions with the goal of encouraging customers to visit and shop within the cultural district. The plan shall address basic marketing of existing activities as well as culturally relevant and culturally competent marketing for the district. Work closely with marketing staff to develop goals and prioritize activities for the district.


Best Practices for Marketing of Districts

Conduct research on successful marketing strategies of commercial districts and common mistakes of districts for the purpose of encouraging customers to visit and shop.  Highlight potential tools and methods to better engage with the public including ease of mobile phone accessibility. Review existing reports and data on Calle 24 Latino Cultural District.

Identify Clear Goals and Brand Story

Develop clear goals for the Marketing Action Plan based on LCD partners. Clarify brand story for LCD based on the goals.

Target Audiences

Define primary and secondary target audience its segments and preferences.


Assess general public perception and awareness of the LCD for purposes of visiting, shopping and enjoying cultural activities and messaging from the district and its partners.

Existing Communication Methods

Assess existing communication methods and marketing practices within the district from various partners including their methods and reach.  

Online Assessment

Conduct an assessment of online presence (web, social media, ease of mobile access etc.) of LCD and partners within the district.  Make recommendations on areas of improvement, opportunities to streamline marketing activities and strengths, weaknesses and missed opportunities.

Interviews with Cultural Institutions and Partners

Conduct interviews with cultural institutions and engage with businesses to learn about their marketing practices, capacity, limitations and resources.