Council Member Alicia Bustos Sandoval

Alicia talks about her organizing history, how she left school to join Dolores Huerta on her speaking tour, and how she started working with UFW, all over the country.

“Working for UFW has always been a passion for me because I’m giving back to my ancestors, my parents, my grandparents who have fought very hard.”

“I always come back to the Mission. I feel very honored to be giving back to my community, the place where I was born.” “I remember going to my primo’s house, Miguel’s house, for birthdays, get togethers, my abuelita worked at La Palma for over 20 years, my parents got married at St. Peter’s Church.”

She also talks about her commitment to her health transformation.

On her work with Housing Rights Committee

“We’re committed to helping tenants out, we’re accepting calls Mon-Thurs. from 1-5. Even though there’s a moratorium in place, that’s not enough, there’s a lot of tenant harassment, tenants are leaving, they’re scared. How can they save up for those six months rent, they’re not even working right now?”

Learn about the Housing Rights Committee, and become a member >

Call them at 415-703-8644 if you need help with housing. They have two offices, one in the Mission and one in the Richmond District. They also give counseling if you live in public or subsidized housing.

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