How does the Cultural Assets & Arts Committee preserve and shape our cultural district?

The Calle 24 Latino Cultural District has the highest concentration of cultural events in the city of San Francisco. We are privileged to host diverse activities and festivals, from Cesar Chavez Day, Carnaval San Francisco, Baile en la Calle, Fiesta de las Américas, Paseo Artístico, to Día de los Muertos.

However, these free, artistic community events come to fruition thanks to our legacy organizations that cultivate and celebrate Calle 24’s Latino traditions. Organizations like Acción Latina, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Brava! for Women in the Arts, and Dance Mission have served as culture bearers in our community.

To preserve the Latino Cultural District’s artistic legacy, Calle 24 developed the Cultural Assets & Arts Committee to serve as a safety net for the District’s traditional — and critical — community events.

Once a month, they convene at Calle 24’s headquarters on Capp & 24th streets to discuss strategies on how to support each other’s artistic programming and events, and to explore opportunities for partnerships and cross promotion.

  • The Cultural Assets & Arts Committee holds the following roles and responsibilities: Identifying and preserving cultural assets that exist in the District. Cultural assets include but are not limited to: murals, galleries, parks, and alleys.
  • Designing, sourcing and installing corridor monuments, arts projects, light pole signs, and the like, in collaboration with the Calle 24 Economic Vitality Committee.
  • Creating art and community spaces for dialogue of neighborhood issues.
  • Promoting the Latino Cultural District’s arts through a culturally sensitive and equity-focused lens.
  • Fostering collaboration among the Latino Cultural District and the greater Mission Neighborhood arts organizations. Currently the committee is working to restore, protect and preserve the legacy murals by Michael Rios and Las Mujeres Muralistas.