Interview with Saira from Casa De La Condesa Restaurant

Saira talks about the history of La Condesa in D.F., her family’s roots in Sinaloa and Zacatecas, and Mexico City, and the importance of family and sitting down for a meal together. How food is a way to show love, and how her mom has always shared that with every meal. And talks about the ingredients that go into their freshly made Machete, how everything is made from scratch, and how their food is so much more than burritos and tacos, and opening this restaurant where she grew up. Talking about the importance of getting back into how food is actually made from scratch, in this hurried world, and choosing to work with her mom and pass on the recipes that were passed down to her from her grandma.

Casa De La Condesa Restaurant is at 2763 Mission St. between 24th and 23rd.