Ivan Garcia from Clínica Martín-Baró

Ignacio Martín-Baró was a psychologist and Jesuit priest, and he devoted his efforts in El Salvador during the civil war. We are coming up on the 30th Anniversary of when he was killed along with six other priests and a housekeeper and her daughter in El Salvador. One of the clinic’s founders, psychologist Felix Kury was influenced by Martin-Baró’s idea of collective healing, of not isolating people who need help in a waiting room, but of healing within community. Ivan talks about volunteering and staying mindful of Martín-Baró’s principles. The clinic will be moving soon, to Alabama between 24th and 25th, the old location will have a sign with the new address.

“I try to move every day being mindful of how you see something, and you have the capacity to help. Not for clout, not to make you feel better, but because you’re in the position to do so.”

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