Saira talks about the history of La Condesa, roots in Sinaloa and Zacatecas, and Mexico City, and the importance of family and sitting down for a meal together. How food is a way to show love, and how her mom has always shared that with every meal.

Interview with Saira from Casa De La Condesa Restaurant

Watch an interview with Lourdes Lozano, who talks about where their name came from, their history in the neighborhood, featuring local artists in the cafe, neighborhood changes, being a green business, and much much more.

Interview With Lourdes Lozano from L’s Caffe

Watch an interview with Josiahluis Alderete, a full blooded Pocho spanglish speaking poet from La Area Bahia who learned to write poetry in the kitchen of his Mama’s Mexican restaurant. Here he talks about the importance of keeping la cultura alive, Latinx poetry, and the upcoming event Esta Noche en la Mission.

Interview With Poet Josiahluis Alderete

Watch an interview with Tomás Riley, our first Executive Director of Calle 24 Latino Cultural District. He shares what it means for him to be the first E.D., how he will work with all community members, and what he aspires to accomplish in the Latino Cultural District.

Our First Executive Director, Tomás Riley