Many of the oldest businesses along this street (including shops and bakeries) have been here since the 1940’s and 1950’s, when workers came from Mexico to work in the shipyards and factories, and settled in the area.

The St. Francis Fountain and Diner has been here since 1918. Other legacy businesses such as Casa Sanchez, La Victoria Bakery, La Reyna Bakery, La Argentina, La Palma, El Nuevo Fruitilandia, and La Gallinita continue to anchor the corridor — and have for over 50 years.

Currently many of these businesses are continuing the family tradition with the 2nd and 3rd generation taking the helm. Many new businesses have joined the Calle 24 family recently totaling 130 merchants on 12 blocks. 77 merchants are of Latino descent making it the highest concentration of  Latino businesses in the city. This history and concentration of merchants has moved the local community and city into designating Calle 24 as a cultural district.belmar-480

As rents and costs of doing business in the city rise, we must find ways to respond to a rapidly changing climate, and support our merchants. Through our partnership with Invest in Neighborhoods  through the SF Office of Economic and Workforce Development, we provide business strengthening programs and services.

Our businesses are the touchstone of Calle 24 and the Latino Cultural District. Many of our businesses and non-profits have been open for more then 30 to 60 years and have been the anchors to the wealth of culture, food and character of Calle 24.  It is important to strengthen, assist and maintain these small family businesses for the future.

Through our advocacy and partnership with Supervisor Davis Campos we have been able to establish The Legacy Business Program that will provide financial and legal assistance for businesses that have been open for more then 30 years. These businesses have provided consistent service and community engagement in good times and bad.

Meet some of our merchants