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Cultural Assets

Cultural assets are elements of the Latinx Community that are important to retain to keep the ecosystem of the community alive.

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Legacy Businesses

Businesses registered and approved by the city as a legacy.

Calle 24 Latino Cultural District Legacy businesses

Calle 24 Latino Cultural District Street signs, Discolandia, Roosevelt Tamale Parlor.  Signs that represent the long history of the neighborhood and have become iconic, pictured in murals and t-shirts and hats.


Cultural Markers

We have the highest number of cultural events in the city, including: Carnaval, Día De Muertos, César Chavez Festival, Paseo Artístico, and Fiesta de las Américas .



We have over 690 murals in the area.  The largest outdoor public gallery in the country.



The lowriders represent the Latinx/Chicano community.  Its history in the MIssion goes back to the 70's.  Visible at many events and cruising continues in the Mission.



We have the highest number of Latinx businesses in the city on 12 blocks.


Small Immigrant Businesses

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We are home to nearly 100 vendors that are part of the cultural economy.

Used for vendors, events, musicians, community gatherings, dance performances and protest


Open Plazas

Architectural Design Guidelines to create design that integrates buildings and storefront improvements to the character and culture of the neighborhood.


Built Environment

Places of worship and prayer for weddings, funerals, baptisms and quinceañeras


Churches St. Peters


Latinx Community

Advocating for affordable housing, to maintain our Latinx community

in place and avoiding displacement.

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