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Cesar Chavez Parade and Festival


Each year Calle 24 is proud to host the Cesar Chavez Parade and  Festival, which celebrate the life and work of labor leader César E. Chávez. Join labor leaders, community activists, city officials and celebrities that come and pay tribute to him and his work.

This family festival is a community collaboration that provides food from Calle 24 merchants, children’s activities, arts and crafts, a classic car show, live entertainment and more. Saturday, April 14, 2018

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¡Si Se Puede!




California’s Largest Annual Multi-Cultural Celebration makes spring sizzle. One of the city’s most spectacular traditions, Carnaval San Francisco showcases the very best of Latin American and Caribbean cultures and traditions with a diverse array of food, music, dance and artistry, including works created by the talented community of Mission District residents and Bay Area artists. On Saturday and Sunday in late May the Carnaval San Francisco Festival offers food, music, dance, art, crafts, and other fun activities and events on several stages for the entire family to enjoy.

Spanning seven blocks, the Carnaval San Francisco Festival will takes place on Harrison Street between 16th and 23rd streets. On Sunday the Carnaval Grand Parade starts at 24th and Bryant streets and proceeds to Mission Street, on Mission down to 17th Street, where it will turn east and flow into the festival area on Harrison St.

This year’s Carnaval is on May 26th and May 27th, 2018.

This year’s theme is the Roots of Carnaval / Raíces del Carnaval
A tree’s branches, leaves, and fruit give it beauty, but its strength lies in what is not seen–its roots. The roots sustain the tree through changing weather and seasons, providing nourishment and grounding. Without strong roots, a tree topples in a storm and withers in a drought.

Our roots are our ancestors–they keep us centered and protect us in times of trial and tribulation. Without them, Carnaval San Francisco would not have reached the current level of success in the beautiful and constantly evolving landscape that is our home. In the spirit of our ancestors, community artists, and organizers who paved the way for today’s culture-bearers, we dedicate our much anticipated 40th Anniversary to the Raíces del Carnaval, the Roots of Carnaval.

Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances


Brava! for Women in the Arts’ annual event takes over the streets and alleys of San Francisco’s Mission District to celebrate and preserve its living cultural heritage! Now in its sixth year, Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances draws the Bay Area’s most dynamic dance companies and performing artists to interpret the murals through music and dance, alongside detailed narration by Precita Eyes Muralists docents. Baile en la Calle: The Mural Dances provides audiences an intricate look at each mural and its relationship to the culture and the life of the Mission.

This year’s tour includes a new mural by the artist Agana commissioned by Brava to celebrate the opening of our long-awaited storefront spaces, as well as “Take it From the Top: Latin Rock” which covers an entire house, Juana Alicia’s 2004 “La Llorona’s Sacred Waters,” Swoon’s untitled 2016 wheat-paste mural, and a few surprises!

At the corner of 24th Street and Folsom (in front of Philz Coffee)

Brava’s annual event takes over the streets and alleys of the Mission to celebrate and preserve the neighborhood’s living cultural heritage. The Bay Area’s most dynamic dance companies and performing artists offer an artistic interpretation of the murals with narration by Precita Eyes Muralists docents.

Performances by:
Duniya Dance & Drum Company
Vanessa Sanchez and La Mezcla
Mariachi Juvenil La Misión
Cuicacalli Dance Company
Leticia Hernandez
Loco Bloco

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Día de los Muertos

Día de los Muertos is an annual Meso-American holiday dedicated to our ancestors and loved ones now gone. We celebrate the Day of the Dead by creating sacred space with art installations, performances and a walking procession, which help us contemplate our personal existence, mortality, and celebration of life.

2018 date tbd

The 2016 Ritual Procession honored the memory of:

Francisco X. Alarcon Chicano Poet, Educator, winner of the national Book Award for Snake Poems -An Aztec Invocation, and author of numerous award winning children’s books,

Dr. Horacio N. Roque Ramirez Latino LGBT Historian, Author, Educator & Cultural Activist,

Peter Rodriguez Chicano-Mexican American  Artist, founder of San Francisco’s Mexican Museum,

Juan Gabriel Mexican Legendary Singer & Song Writer, during the last 4 decades,

Elsa Valverde Moran Chicana Activist & Cultural Worker, San Antonio, Texas,

The 49 Victims of the Orlando Massacre of 2016,

Victims Of Terrorist Attacks,

Victims Of Fires in San Francisco,

Public Servants Who Died In The Line Of Duty and

All Persons & Their Companion Animals Who Died This Year.

The 2016 Ritual Procession Invocation Of The 5 Directions Conducted By;

Luis Gutierrez, Starhawk & Juan Pablo Gutierrez

The Ritual Procession will be led by Estela Garcia & Roban San Miguel (S.F. Youth & Mental Health Advocates), along with the 13 Sacred Standards, (which are 10 feet high and decorated with this year’s Aztec Calendar theme).

For the past 34 consecutive years El Colectivo Del Rescate Cultural has operated under the motto, “NUESTROS MUERTOS NO SE VENDEN – Our Dead Are Not For Sale”.  No city, state, federal, nor corporate-branding-funding is accepted.  This has been the case since our inception, in order to maintain our integrity, of being a true grassroots organization, without being beholden to political or consumerist demand on our mission of producing an authentic Ritual Procession as closest to our Meso American and Mexican roots.  We invite all cultures to join us on Nov. 2nd 2016, to honor and remember those who have passed on.

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