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Land Use, Design & Housing

Because of gentrification and displacement of moderate to low-income residents in the area, the Land Use Committee focuses on all new development that is planned within the Calle 24 Latino Cultural District and throughout the Mission District. Calle 24 Special Area Design Guidelines were completed with the community and The Planning Dept. to provide standards for development and facade improvements


Its goal is to advocate for affordable housing. Through focus groups, public meetings and stakeholder interviews it has been determined that the biggest concerns for residents, businesses, non-profits, and artists in the area is affordability.

Along with its allies, the community has advocated for and is currently near 1300 units in the pipeline for 100% affordable units at 30% to 50% percent AMI (Area Median Income) coming to the Mission.

The Land Use Committee also headed the effort that created the Special Use District for commercial regulations. These regulations are currently in place and are intended to maintain a balance between food establishments and retail. It also includes conditions for any change of use from retail to food. These conditions were created by the community.

Land use also involves architectural design to ensure that buildings fit the character of current buildings to protect the cultural environment.

The SADGs are intended to work collaboratively with the City’s Urban Designs Guidelines, which require that new buildings and exterior remodels adapt to surrounding areas and existing patterns of development.

This document will be used by Planning Design Review Staff and the Planning Commission to help evaluate proposed projects to ensure that the design elements respond to the unique characteristics of the Mission’s Calle 24 Latino Cultural District.

This effort has been spearheaded by a committee formed by community members since the Fall of 2018. In order to attain as much feedback as possible, two community forums/workshops were held in the course of 2019.

Calle 24 Special Area Design Guidelines (SADGs)

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