Land Use, Design & Housing

  • Creating a Special Use District (“SUD”) in and/or around the San Francisco Latino Cultural District (the “District”) that establishes height limits and design guidelines that preserve the unique character of the District, and helping to operate the SUD once established.
  • Educating about and advocating for genuinely affordable and low-income housing and related infrastructure in the District, including promoting education about financial literacy, home ownership, and tenants’ rights.
  • Engaging in activism and advocacy to ensure that new development in San Francisco’s Mission District responds to and reflects the traditions and cultures in the Latino Cultural District.

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Economic Vitality

  • Providing technical and lease education, training and assistance for small business in the District.
  • Attracting and retaining culturally relevant businesses
  • Developing a neighborhood-based communications infrastructure, and promotion of the District through traditional and social media

Cultural Assets & Arts

  • Promoting, participating in, and supporting traditional culture-critical community events, such as Carnaval, Dia de Los Muertos, and the Chavez Holiday Commemoration.
  • Identifying and preserving cultural assets that exist in the District.
  • Designing, sourcing and installing corridor monuments, arts projects, a walk of fame, light pole signs, and the like, in collaboration with the Economic Vitality Committee.
  • Fostering collaboration among Latino Cultural District arts organizations.

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Quality of Life

  • Fostering neighborhood safety in a culturally sensitive manner that includes respect for all people, including the homeless.
  • Abating graffiti in a culturally sensitive manner that fosters spray can art and murals.
  • Preserving street parking, public transit, and walking options.
  • Organizing community forums from time-to-time for more extensive public comment, such as community meetings, debates, town halls, and the like.

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