Tomás Riley, Executive Director

Tomás has lived in the Mission for 20 years as a non-profit administrator, community member, university professor and cultural activist. He collaborates with staff to manage Calle 24’s four core programs and provides financial leadership and organizational stewardship to ensure we remain a cultural hub for generations to come.

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Gabriella Lozano, Business Liaison

With 15 years of experience as a restauranteur, Gabriella assists merchants with business plan and development, creating connectivity, attracting and retaining business, door to door consultation, cultural event engagement, small business grants, legal assistance, commercial lease review, workforce assistance and referrals.

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Rodrigo Duran, Marketing Director

Rodrigo is responsible for promoting the Latino Cultural District merchants through social media and the Calle 24 website. He also assists merchants with one on one sessions to help them learn how to utilize their social media platforms more effectively.